Appendix F
Detailed economic forecasts for 2007-08

The table below shows the Government's macroeconomic forecasts. The Australian economy is expected to grow strongly in 2007-08, after being affected by severe drought in 2006‑07.

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Table: Detailed economic forecasts for 2007-08

  1. Percentage change on preceding year unless otherwise indicated.
  2. Calculated using original data.
  3. Chain volume measures.
  4. Excluding second hand asset sales from the public sector to the private sector and including the impact of the privatisation of Telstra.
  5. Percentage point contribution to growth in GDP.
  6. For presentational purposes, inventories held by privatised marketing authorities are included with the inventories of the farm sector and public marketing authorities.

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics and Treasury.

More comprehensive information is provided in Budget Paper No. 1, Budget Strategy and Outlook 2007‑08, Statement 3.

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